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How To Trane evaporator coil model numbers: 7 Strategies That Work

Additional features of the XR14 Air Conditioner. The XR14 Air Conditioner, also known as Trane's best value air conditioner, is a great investment for homeowners. The XR14 has a SEER2 rating of up to 14.8 and provides reliable and dependable cooling for your home. On top of that, this single-stage air conditioner is quiet and durable, giving ...The 3.5 to 5 Ton Trane RunTru Evaporator Coil - Multiposition - 21inch Cabinet - TXV can work with any set up, and is even an option for tight spaces like manufactured or mobile homes. The measurements of this specific cased evaporator coil are: 30.7 high, 21 wide, and 21.5 deep. Trane RunTru evaporator coils are housed and protected in ...See "Unit Model Number Description," p. 8 and "Compressor Model Number Description," p. 9 for details. Each position, or group of positions, in a number or letter is used to represent a feature. For example, from the chart, we can determine that the letter "F" in digit 8 of the unit model number indicates unit voltage is 460/60/3 ...VariTrane® Low-Height Fan-Powered Terminal Units. VariTrane™ variable-air-volume units (VAV) are among the industry leaders in quality and reliability and are designed to meet the specific needs of today's applications. This generation of VariTrane units builds upon Trane's history of quality and reliability and expands the products into ...Trane COL16272 - Aluminum Coil w/ Drain Pan Assembly, COL16272- COL16272 is an official OEM Aluminum Coil w/ Drain Pan Assembly for Trane HVAC equipment. Free shipping on orders over $99 ... Aluminum Coil w/ Drain Pan Assembly, COL16272. Brand: Trane. SKU: COL16272. Rating: (0)Up to 21.5 SEER2. Noise Level. The average sound level in decibels. The higher the number, the louder the unit. For example, a vacuum cleaner = 70. 55-75 DbA. Speeds. Units with variable cooling stages have more precise temperature control and operate more efficiently than single stage units.There are multiple reasons you might need to obtain the IMEI number of your phone. It is equivalent to the serial number and it identifies the make and model of device you own. You...Connect with our Customer Care team about your products, warranties, and dealer concerns. Available Monday - Friday from 7am to 5pm CST. 1-800-945-5884. A phone. Check out these AC maintenance tips for homeowners that you can use to keep your central air system running at peak performance.The prices listed here reflect the national average costs of installing of a new HVAC system or unit. The prices are estimates, for convenience only and subject to change. Trane makes no representation as to the accuracy of the pricing of any product displayed, and your dealer may quote you a different price that is not shown here. Select a ...Get the lowest price on a 1.5 to 3 Ton Trane RunTru Evaporator Coil - 4MXCB004AC6HCB - Fast Delivery, Lifetime Tech Support, ... Email a screenshot of the video on your facebook profile to [email protected] along with your order number. Get a check mailed to you for $100. Limited Time Offer. Act Now! ... Model: 4MXCB004AC6 : UPC: 647535635309 ...The $5,000 rule is an industry accepted guideline that helps homeowners make a financial decision about their HVAC system. First, multiply the age of your system by the repair cost. If the outcome is over $5,000, you should probably replace. If the outcome is under $5,000, you should probably repair.This video shows the location of your model and serial numbers for an evaporator coil. Steve at explains the useful information on the serv...The units are gray and have a black grated front. The units were sold in two sizes: 25.5 inches deep by 23.5 inches wide by 28.83 inches tall and 28.83 inches deep by 28.48 inches wide by 29.28 inches tall. The Trane or American Standard logo is affixed to the front and model numbers are printed on the silver nameplate on the back of the unit.Trane 4PXCBU48BS3HAA - Cased Coil UP Flow R410A 4 Ton . Representative image of item category. Images are for illustration, products subject to manufacturer revision. WE NEED TO VERIFY YOUR EQUIPMENT MODEL NUMBER BEFORE SHIPPING PLEASE ENTER MODEL NUMBER/SERIAL NUMBER IN NOTES TO VERIFY ITEM. ITEM IS NON-RETURNABLEModel 4MXCB006AC6HCB. ID 158110. ... RunTru by Trane offers a 10 year parts warranty on their coils when they are installed following your state and local codes, as well as the system is paired with a certified system matchup. ... Trane 3 to 4 Ton 17.5" Width Multi-Positional Evaporator Cased Coil - RT Series; SKU: 4MXCB006AC6HCB: Weight (in ...trane-evaporator-coil-model-numbers 2 Downloaded from on 2021-12-23 by guest The E-Myth HVAC Contractor: Why Most HVAC Companies Don't Work and What to Do About It - Michael E. Gerber 2019-10-14 Running a successful HVAC company is a juggling act. You need expertise in your area of HVAC to provide services to clients.IntelliPak™ 1 models S*HF*20-75 S*HL*20-75 S*HG*90-130 S*HK*90-130W*HB,W*HE ... a number of acronyms and abbreviations are used throughout this manual.These acronyms are ... refrigerant directly to the evaporator coil of the system to more effectively operate in low load conditions.Trane chillers are designed for year-round operation over a range of ambient temperatures. The air- cooled model CGAM chiller will op erate in ambient temperatures of 32 to 125°F (0 to 52°C) for high ambient or 0 to 125°F (-18 to 52°C) for wide ambient. Extreme low ambient operation is offered down to -20°F (-28.9°C).Model # 4TXCC009DS3HC. $1,758.00. $2,365.32 Save $607.32. Current Stock: Qty: Decrease Quantity ... Trane 4TXCC009DS3HC - Evaporator Coil . Airflow Configuration Convertible CoilAlloy Aluminum CoilCircuitry HEAT PUMP CoilDesignDirect Expansion Evaporator Coil CoilFeatureCased A CoilX Direct Expansion Evaporator Coil Cil eatue C Cased A Coil A Uncased A Coil F Cased Horizontal Flat Coil Cil idt Casedncased A 14.5 /13.3 B 17.5 / 16.3 C 21.0 / 19.8 D 24.5 / 23.3 H 10.5 Refrie rant Line Cul ing / Airflow Configuration 0 Braz ed U Upflo w only, convertible to Horizontal Left D Do wnflow only, convertible to Horizontal RightThe coil serves as a heat exchanger - working with your heating system in the winter and your cooling system in the summer - featuring a new, enhanced fin design for greater heat transfer. American Standard/Trane 4TXCB004DS3HCB 3.0T Cased Coil. Direct Expansion Evaporator Coil. Cased A Coil. 36000 Btu/Hr. Configuration.Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioners Foundation™ Cooling and Gas/ Electric. 15 to 25 Tons, 60 Hz. June 2020RT-PRC060M-EN. Product Catalog. ©2020 Trane RT-PRC060M-EN. Introduction. Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioners. Through the years, Trane has designed and developed the most complete line of Packaged Rooftop products available in the market today.Ebook free Trane evaporator coil model numbers Copy . fundamental and practical importance the nato asian thermal hydraulic fundamentals and design of two phase flow heat exchangers was held in povoa de varzim near porto portugal july 6 17 1987 participating in the organization of the asi were the department oftrane evaporator coil model numbers LuLuSoSo com. Product Catalog Trane. 4 / 25. COL10860 Trane Evaporator coil HVACPartsShop com. American Standard amp Trane TWE036C14FB0 Replacement OEM Trane Aluminum Cased Horizontal Flat Heat Pump Cooling May 4th, 2018 - Aluminum Cased ...And the next two numbers, "06," is the year, or 2006. 4006 = October 2006. Tip on Carrier age: 9 or 10 characters in the serial number? It doesn't matter. Carrier AC, furnace and heat pump units manufactured in the last 20+ years have 10 characters - numbers mostly and one or two letters.TRANE . 4TXCC007DS3HCA. 4 TON COIL. Representative image of item category. Images are for illustration, products subject to manufacturer revision. WE NEED TO VERIFY YOUR EQUIPMENT MODEL NUMBER BEFORE SHIPPING PLEASE ENTER MODEL NUMBER/SERIAL NUMBER IN NOTES TO VERIFY ITEM. ITEM IS NON-RETURNABLErefrigerant oil (Trane OIL00311). † Lists unit test pressures. † Identifies installation, op eration and maintenance and service data literature. † Lists drawing numbers for unit wiring diagrams. Model Number Coding System Model numbers are composed of numbers and letters that represent features of the equipment. Shown below is aTrane COL15235 Hydronic Blower Coil, 6 Row. Mfr Part #: COL15235. PT #: TRNCOL15235. Quantity Available: 2. In Stock, ships today. Add to cart. Add to My Parts. Trane BAYECON085A ECONOMIZER RELIATEL 0-100% DRY BULB (B. Mfr Part #: BAYECON085A.79,000 BTU stage 2. Existing Evaporator Coil. TXC054E5HPCO. Existing Condensing Unit. (don't have model number handy), but is supposed to be a 3 1/2 ton 12 SEER unit. Proposed New Furnace. TUY080R94V3W4. Variable Speed. 49,000 BTU stage 1.Model UsedWith Coil(Hail/Vandal)Guard BAYGARD063* TWA072**A,TWA090**A BAYGARD064* TWA072**D,TWA090**D BAYGARD065* TWA120 BAYGARD066* TWA180,TWA240 RubberIsolators BAYISLT005*(black) TWA072,TWA090,TWA120 BAYISLT009*(red) TWA180 ... Model UsedWith 6-10TonElectricHeaterSelectionFinding Coil Model and Serial Numbers. This How-To shows you the essentials of identifying your evaporator coil. Steve at explains the useful information on the service tag of your evaporator coil. The model and serial number of the evaporator are covered in the explanation. The correct model and serial number are of critical ... For the layman, model numbers might look strange and weird. But still, every letter in the Trane furnace model number can signify something about the model. Decoding any equipment model number by standard means requires lots of valuable time. The Trane model number nomenclature is broken down into segments. Each segment will have a number of ... ©2023 Trane COIL-PRC002K-EN Introduction Trane makes a variety of heating and cooling water coils, steam cois, l and refrigerant coils. Coi capl acities, ... 1.ting coils can be offered in higher row number as a special. Hea: 2.oils are not certified by AHRI with R-22, R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-507A refrigerants.Not Model #s: This post is about Trane serial numbers, not Trane model numbers that have nomenclature related to the series, size and performance of the Trane AC, heat pump, furnace or other equipment. ... Cleaning Coils and Fans: The condenser and evaporator coils, along with the unit's fans, should be cleaned periodically to prevent dust ...NOTE: Furnace systems that were repaired with a new evaporator coil drain pan between January 2019 and November 2021, with the serial number range listed above, are also included in this recall. Whether a non-condensing furnace system falls within the scope of the expanded recall depends on the location of the burners, which, if unknown, can be verified through DCT's model verification tool ...Packaged systems. Simplify your comfort with all-in-one HVAC systems that bundle heating and cooling components in a single box. Unlike split systems, these systems only use one outdoor unit and work best in mobile and modular homes or homes without basements or attics. Gas & electric packaged. Create optimal comfort with an air conditioner and ...ADP evaporator coils are uniquely designed to save customers time on installation while ensuring a leak-free system. We offer custom solutions to leverage local market differentiation and growth opportunities. Out-of-the-box installation. SKU optimization. Industry-exclusive Microban® anti-microbial product protection.Trane 4 Ton Cased Coil 4TXCC007DS3HCA. Trane claims that its All-Aluminum Comfort™ Coils are the best in the market, and the numbers go along with their claims. For starters, the cased coil is AHRI matched with the gas furnace allowing the gas system to achieve the coveted 16 SEER rating.An inductor is little more than a coil of wire. Sound simple? Well, it is -- but that coil of wire can do some pretty cool things! Learn all about inductors! Advertisement An induc...Air Heating and Cooling Coils. Trane is at the leading edge of coil technology. With unique fin surfaces for coil offerings Trane’s coils provide superior heat transfer capabilities and …indoor coil. 3. Low Temperature Heating 17°F DB air entering indoor coil. 4. Rated indoor airflow for heating is the same as for cooling. AHRI Standard 270 Rating Conditions — (Noise rating numbers are determiend with the unit in cooling operations.) Standard Noise Rating number is at 95°F outdoor air. Model Nomenclature RefrigerantfType ff ... Model Number. Cooling Capacity Range (Tons) Coil Type. Refrigerant CINTERLACED EVAPORATOR COIL WITH STAINLESS STEEL DRAIN P Trane COL16272 - Aluminum Coil w/ Drain Pan Assembly, COL16272- COL16272 is an official OEM Aluminum Coil w/ Drain Pan Assembly for Trane HVAC equipment. Free shipping on orders over $99 ... Aluminum Coil w/ Drain Pan Assembly, COL16272. Brand: Trane. SKU: COL16272. Rating: (0)August 201522-1907-1B-EN ConvertibleAirHandlers 1–1/2—5Ton. TEM6A0B24H21S TEM6A0B30H21S TEM6A0C36H31S TEM6A0C42H41S TEM6A0D48H41S TEM6A0D60H51S. The TEM6 series air handler is designed for installation in a closet, utility room, alcove, basement, crawlspace or attic. These versatile units are applicable to air … Since Trane has a policy of continuous product The American Standard 4TXCC009DS3HCA is a highly efficient and versatile HVAC cased coil, part of the esteemed 4TXC Series. This model boasts a capacity of 3-5 tons with a 60000 BTUh output. Designed for easy integration with your existing HVAC system, it's ideal for split-system air conditioner and heat pump applications.When it comes to finding the perfect microwave for your kitchen, GE is a brand that stands out. With its wide range of models and features, there’s a GE microwave model number to s... Trane has a policy of continuous data improvemen...

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• All multi-position coils are field convertible from horizontal right-to-left airflow and horizon...


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TMM Series Air HandlerSpecifications. Trane TMM Series air handlers are built for specific needs and systems...


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Trane was also announced as a 5-star Smart Thermostat Brand in the 2021 America's Most Tr...


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Trane 3 - 5 Ton Case Coil 4TXCC009DS3HCA. Trane's claims of completing the system with a perfectly matched coil to bring...


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American Standard/Trane 4TXCC007DS3HCB. The 4TXC cased coil is a universal model, capable of handling up, down, horizo...

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